Exercise Unlimited Performance

Unlimited Programming

The pursuit of Unlimited requires resilience, tenacity and knowledge.

Acquire all three when building your performance muscle with these applied workshops designed to unlock and energize your potential for unlimited performance.

Choose from the following workshops:

Zoning in on Better Performance

Explore the three performance zones in your operating system and tune your organization to unlimited performance capacity in this hands-on workshop. You’ll develop solutions, customized to your organization and leave with a plan for better performance.

Ideal for managers and leaders in all departments.

Think Like Your Customer

You are making sales now but are you creating customers for the future? Learn to do both in this dynamic workshop that explores and applies agile selling and designed solutions for your organization and customers. You will apply models and techniques for a custom designed plan that creates unlimited possibilities for sales and customers.

Ideal for Sales management and their teams, Marketing and Brand.

Upshift Your Thinking

Markets may seem like a battleground but no need to feel under siege with this fresh approach and perspective on markets and customers that puts you where you need to be – in front of customers. Explore new approaches to thinking, the power and possibility of a single word and shift from battling to collaborating on the pursuit of success.

Ideal for Sales, Marketing, Brand and Customer Service teams.

Create Cultural Glue

Your organization and your customers are on similar journeys of self-actualization and market success. Help both important groups reach their goals by applying the substances of cultural dynamics to your organization for stickier attraction, retention and loyalty. We’ll explore your Cultural Dynamics Performance Zone and you’ll model the culture that will free your organization and customers to pursue unlimited performance.

Ideal for Talent and HR managers and managers and leaders in all departments seeking to improve their culture.

All workshops are 3-4 hours. Contact us for special group pricing and customization opportunities for your organization.

About the Speaker & Facilitator

David Edward, founder of Strategic Initiatives Group, has led planning initiatives and strategy development on global businesses and some of our most beloved brands.

David works from the premise that it is human nature to be better than we are now. David has, in roles ranging from President, Client Services Director, Consultant and Board Chair, helped progressive organizations become more successful through the discovery and activation of the human potential and market possibilities found in their unique operating systems.

David is also a writer and explorer at heart. David’s discovery of better practices for superior human performance from the Italian Renaissance, successfully iterated for 21st century organizations, can now be found in SIG’s Unlimited Planning Process (UPP), David’s keynotes and his forthcoming book “The Unlimited Organization”.

Connect with us to discuss what might be right for you and your organization and how to get started on your journey to superior human performance and unlimited possibilities for future success.

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