Grief. I was surprised as the thousands of others who read Scott Berinato’s article in Harvard Business Review that I have been grieving through the coronavirus pandemic. The opinion of most businesses that I have canvassed over the past few weeks is that we are at the final grief stage of acceptance. Scott writes about acceptance as accepting “This is happening; I have to figure out how to proceed.” He goes on to say that “acceptance is where the power lies. We find control in acceptance.” I, for one, find that to be good news.

But, how exactly, do we get on with it when we are inundated with not so good news.

We can stop reading the news. ( I am limiting my news intake) Or we can choose to see something different in the pandemic. There is an expression that suggests that there is a gift in every crisis. The gift in COVID-19 might be that of a second chance. A fresh opportunity to re-look and rethink how we are doing business and how we show up for our staff and customers.

And we are showing up. We are proving to be worthy adversaries of this pandemic, taking the fight to it all over the world. Time has collapsed during the crisis and yet rising from it are fast-tracked plans for robust on-line businesses. We are working faster, more productively and differently. We are defying the pundits. We have overcome misgivings about productivity and collaboration, overcome trust issues so that now remote work is not only an option but the number one option for Canadian company Shopify and a serious choice for companies like Facebook.

We are giving the gift of empathy. We have become more understanding, more patient and more human in our interactions. I think we recognize that we are all dealing with high emotions and stages of grief but understand that we are all in this together.

So, what can we do with this gift? How can we get on with it when there are no best practices, learning or playbooks to follow?

We can take a page out of the healthcare professionals approach keeping us safe from coronavirus and returning those affected to health. They:


Designing tests to stabilize populations and determine patient needs


Examining the macro data for patterns, trends and changes to discover and anticipate new issues with the virus and opportunities for treatment


Mobilizing the resources, pivoting in new directions, encouraging industry to do the same, developing treatments and vaccines, products, all at warp speed, that treat and solve the  COVID-19 crisis

We can too:


Stabilizing your organization, teams and departments against the chaos of the pandemic


Taking a macro evaluation for patterns, trends, conditions in behaviours and market conditions


Assessing the needs, designing protocols or plays to improve the organization, department or team


Mobilizing the resources needed to be successful with new initiatives, products and services that ensure success and viability – at warp speed


This is the purpose of SIG’s new program, Thrive. It is a collaborative, agile process designed to help companies navigate through the crisis and transition to post-pandemic success.

We are launching Thrive this week with a four-part webinar series starting Thursday at 2pm (replays and resources available for those that sign up).

Find out more about Thrive and sign up for the webinars here. Hope to see you as we navigate through the chaos of coronavirus to a place where we and our businesses will thrive.

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