The speed of recovery from the coronavirus pandemic depends on your ability to slow down time.

Time dilation, the scientific term for this phenomenon, occurs when visual information processing is enhanced. The brain increases its processing power and it has the effect of slowing time down. Scientists are not sure why this happens but John McEnroe and F1 drivers have reported feeling time slow down as they prepare to make a play. Superiority in visual information processing, it is speculated, is the difference between a winning and a losing play in sport.

How about in business?

We have been in rapid response mode now for over three months. We have reacted to shifting market conditions and government regulations. Now, as we turn our attention to recovery and plans for post-pandemic success it stands to reason that if we can enhance our visual processing and slow down time we have the opportunity to make a winning play for our organizations.

It is why Pause; Stage 2 of the Thrive process is so important. Focussing on our visual information processing, “seeing” the incoming information, watching it unfold, sensing its implications and then formulating a response to one fundamental question

Do we bounce back or spring forward?

is the purpose of the Pause. It works for the healthcare workers in their quest to manage multiple variables and unknowns in rapid response time and, it can work for you.

Thrive is an agile planning process that navigates your organization through the chaos of the crisis to post-pandemic success.

“See” opportunity in the chaos.

Allowing time to evaluate market conditions, the impact of changing behaviours on the future of work, shifts in customers needs, your response to the pandemic to date, the strength of your talent ecosystem and culture, structural changes and innovation capacity could make the difference between a gradual and accelerated recovery.

Imagine you and your team harnessing your collective information processing power to slow down time so that you could visualize markets, customer needs, opportunities, and design the necessary plays to help your organization beat the pandemic.

We are discussing Pause and how to harness visual information processing with the Thrive Playbook on Thursday June 11 at 2pm. If you would like to join us for this one-hour webinar the sign up link is here.

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