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Explore your organization’s potential and possibilities through an inspiring keynote packed with applicable insights and tools.

With a signature keynote you will have the
insight to know;

  • What to do and
  • What it will take and
  • How to start

…the journey to Unlimited for your organization.

David’s inspiring talk helped our team to think differently about our business.
For the rest of our planning session we referred to his talk as a new way of looking at things.

Lisa Citton-Battel,
Director of Human Resources, 3M Canada

Set the tone – and the energy level – of your next conference, offsite or meeting with an actionable keynote that focusses in on one or all your performance zones.

David’s message of human potential at the centre of a powerful force for change is an important one for all businesses. Creating change requires us to adapt our mindset so we may work and think in the future. David’s talk has many good ideas on how to do this.

Carlo Longo, President,
Interporto Della Toscana Centrale Spa, Italy

Choose from the following selection of keynotes;

Executives, sales, HR and marketing leaders, managers and change-agents in business, not-for profit, government and NGO organizations are invited to choose from the following keynotes;

Become Unlimited

Looking to improve performance in people, culture and the marketplace? Find out what it takes to tune your operating system to unlimited performance potential. We’ll explore the three performance zones and performance principles of Unlimited Organizations that will unlock your organization’s potential to become Unlimited.

This keynote is ideal for leaders and managers in all departments seeking improved levels of performance in their organization, teams and departments.

Unleash Your Human Potential

This performance-stimulating talk is about you. If you are interested in step-changing your performance and prospects at work, then come discover the five agents of potential that will propel you to superior performance and future success.

Ideal for those feeling stuck or looking to get promoted and the people responsible for managing or helping them reach their goals.

Unbind Your Culture

Culture is your other competitive advantage. Attraction, retention, authenticity and Purpose; in this liberating talk that frees your culture find out how cultural dynamics can raise organizational performance to new heights. We’ll explore new individualism, the substances of culture and how to create a cultural alchemy that can transform your organizational performance.

Ideal for Talent managers, HR , Marketing, Brand, and those interested in improving cultural dynamics.

Unlock Your Market Possibilities

Banish mediocrity. Upshift into new market opportunities in this thought-provoking and action-oriented keynote. We’ll explore new models and approaches that will improve your market performance and have you thinking differently about your business and your customers.

This keynote is ideal for Sales, Marketing and Brand teams and those seeking improved market performance.

About the Speaker & Facilitator

David Edward, founder of Strategic Initiatives Group, has led planning initiatives and strategy development on global businesses and some of our most beloved brands.

David works from the premise that it is human nature to be better than we are now. David has, in roles ranging from President, Client Services Director, Consultant and Board Chair, helped progressive organizations become more successful through the discovery and activation of the human potential and market possibilities found in their unique operating systems.

David is also a writer and explorer at heart. David’s discovery of better practices for superior human performance from the Italian Renaissance, successfully iterated for 21st century organizations, can now be found in SIG’s Unlimited Planning Process (UPP), David’s keynotes and his forthcoming book “The Unlimited Organization”.

Connect with us to discuss what might be right for you and your organization and how to get started on your journey to superior human performance and unlimited possibilities for future success.

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