Sell Better

by Creating Effective Customers

It’s not about making sales. It’s about creating customers.

This mindset pivot opens doors. Imagine customers wanting to meet with you. Imagine collaborating on solutions to their issues and opportunities in their organizations.

Conventional thinking does not get to extraordinary ideas.

Turn your customers into receptors for great ideas and solutions.

All because you have a deep and comprehensive understanding of your customers; their needs, expectations, desired experience and optimum relationship.

The Effective Customers Program

The Effective Customers Program builds on the Discovery – for Customers component of the Unlimited Potential Program and goes deep on;

  • An evaluation of the buying experience
  • Purchase decision factors
  • Supplier rankings
  • The buying journey

The result is revitalized customer relationships, a primed product/service pipeline, improved customer loyalty and success.

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Business Insight Tools

We also have business insight tools to help you solve specific customer or product related questions and opportunities. The tools available are;

Effective Positioning

  • Define and sharpen your competitive market positioning

Features and Benefits Relevance

  • Determine the bundle of benefits and features most effective for your customers

The Product to Brand Ladder

  • Build connections between product features and customer benefits

Customer Profiling

  • A profile of the ideal customer and desired relationship

The Buying Journey

  • Map the steps to mutual success

All tools can be used in teams, departments or organization-wide. Cost and time efficient with fast turn-around on results and analysis

The data gathered in the Effective Customers program can also be customized into an Effective Selling workshop designed to improve the performance of sales teams and the effectiveness of relationships with customers.

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