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About Strategic Initiatives Group

Strategic Initiatives Group is a planning consultancy that optimizes operating systems for continually better performance of an organization’s people and assets.

We believe deeply in our Purpose of elevating
human performance at work through the design, 
calibration and activation of an organization’s Unlimited Operating System.

Our work is modelled on three fundamental principles that unleashed the highly creative and innovative age of the Italian Renaissance:

  • The unlimited capacity of human potential.
  • The importance of cultural dynamics.
  • The power of ideas and its possibilities for positive change in the world.
SIG and its services and programs are inspired by Leonardo da Vinci and the Italian Renaissance;
In 2019, the 500th anniversary of Leonardo’s passing, SIG will be paying special tribute to the man and his accomplishments throughout the year.

We are passionate about our work, believing;

  • That each organization has its own unique operating system – waiting to be discovered and tuned for unlimited performance
  • That authenticity of an organization, its culture and brand is discovered, not created
  • That the struggle and striving in our jobs is important to our work and Purpose
  • That Better is better than best. Better is continual and dynamically future-facing. Best is a point in time to be overtaken
  • That organizations must make the most of, not just make do with, what they have to avoid predictable mediocrity

We are for those organizations who;

  • Desire better performance
  • Seek new market opportunities
  • Believe in their organization’s potential and possibilities

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About the Speaker & Facilitator

David Edward, founder of Strategic Initiatives Group, has led planning initiatives and strategy development on global businesses and some of our most beloved brands.

David works from the premise that it is human nature to be better than we are now. David has, in roles ranging from President, Client Services Director, Consultant and Board Chair, helped progressive organizations become more successful through the discovery and activation of the human potential and market possibilities found in their unique operating systems.

David is also a writer and explorer at heart. David’s discovery of better practices for superior human performance from the Italian Renaissance, successfully iterated for 21st century organizations, can now be found in SIG’s Unlimited Planning Process (UPP), David’s keynotes and his forthcoming book “The Unlimited Organization”.

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